kickstarter kc urban potters

Thanks for your interest in our Kickstarter!

The KC Urban Potters Kickstarter will go LIVE Nov. 7 and end on Dec.7.  Be sure to sign up HERE to be notified when the Kickstarter is posted so you can browse our handcrafted pledge incentives and get first choice on a variety of work made by the Kansas City Urban Potters!  The incentives are limited so don't delay!

The Kansas City Urban Potters is a recently formed collective of potters in the Kansas City area started by Chandra DeBuse, Paul Donnelly, Jana Evans, Rain Harris, Meredith Host, Erica Iman, & Alex Watson.  The group was formed to support the local arts community and bring a fresh pottery experience to the Kansas City area.  

As a group, we will be organizing and participating in community-based events in order to help educate and increase awareness of our mission... giving us a chance to give back to Kansas City.  We hope to bring new experiences to the community through pop-up workshops across the city, to create personal connections through farm-to-table dinners incorporating handmade pottery, and get mugs in peoples' hands so they can feel the difference handmade pottery makes in their morning coffee.

One of the core initiatives is to hold an annual Invitational, inviting potters from outside the Kansas City area to join us in our Spring Show in order to expose our community to new artists and a chance to see fresh work. 

We need your help in getting started. Our 1st annual spring event is just around the corner. We're excited to be bringing in 6 nationally recognized potters from outside of Kansas City to join us.  We'll need many things to pull off our inaugural event and we hope you can be one of the "Founding Supporters" of the Kansas City Urban Potters and help us purchase display units, cover rental space expenses, insurance, and materials for our community workshop events, as well as initial advertising to spread the word throughout the community.

As a "Founding Supporter" we hope to keep a relationship with you throughout our progression as an organization.  You'll be the 1st to be invited to all of our events, receive various discounts throughout the year, and your name will be posted at our annual Spring Invitational as a "Founding KCUP Supporter."

...And don't forget we have some fantastic rewards for our backers. Tote bags, handmade plates, cups, jars, a "six pack" of tumblers, one made from each member, and a full dinner place setting, to name a few.   We have been hard at work making these rewards for you and they will be ready to ship at the end of our campaign, just in time for the holidays!

Thanks for your support!